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Exclusive LIFETIME Structural Warranty

10 Year|100,000 Miles on Electrical and Paint

EVI's Warranties offer our customers the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our EVI Custom Bodies. 

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Leasing offers you the possibility to get the vehicle your department needs NOW, without having to wait for funds. More Info. 

Need a replacement part or to update a Gadget. Send us a message or call us to get pricing and availability. More Info.

EVI has a fully equipped manufacturing facility to do Repair and Refurbish on EVI Bodies. Call or send us a message for more information. To view before and after pictures click here. 

EVI Regional Sales Representatives have come up with a few FAQ to help or prospective and current customers. Click here to read them.

EVI Customer Testimonies

March 24, 2020

Vehicle Delivered February 25, 2020

Everyone has been really happy with the quality of work and how everything turned out with our truck, wanted to let you guys know.

Mr. Carson

Brandford, CT

June 29, 2019

Vehicle Delivered: July 2, 2019

Thank you (Mike) very much for working with us on the changes and completion of our new Squad 31.  Even though the trip out to Florida was long, the few hours spent working with you and your crew were well worth it.  We were impressed with the high quality that goes into each vehicle at your facility, including the quality of people working to build the vehicles. 


Additionally, thank you Bryce (EVI Dealer Rep) for all the work you did on this vehicle.  Brian and I enjoyed our trip to Florida with you.  We also appreciate the patience that both you and Mike have had with us in getting the details right.   The trip was well worth it and the food was fantastic! 


Thank you again, and if I can ever be of service to either of you, please feel free to contact me.

Mr. Tenney

Davis, CA

April 26, 2019

Vehicle Delivered: April 22, 2007


-Is the vehicle still in Service? Yes


-How satisfied are you with the overall layout and usability of the EVI body? Very Satisfied 


- What would you most recommend about EVI to other departments? The overall responsiveness of EVI’s customer service and the firm commitment EVI has in standing behind the quality of their product


-How did you feel about the EVI purchasing, design, and building process?  Very well organized process. Easy. Simple


-What do you feel is most beneficial about the EVI Modular Body? Very well built / Solid / Strong

Chief White

O'Fallon, IL

December 14, 2018

Vehicle Delivered: June 18, 2018

Top quality built and designed. EVI can build and design anything that the customer needs.

Mr. Hylazewski

Jacksonville, FL

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