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Rehab Units

EVI custom Rehab units can be custom designed and built to fit your departments’ specific needs. Rehab units are used by Fire Departments for Fire Fighters to recover at a large incident by providing drinking water, restrooms, Air Conditioning, heat and a space to get out of the weather to recover. Some other features of EVI custom rehab units include, generators, awnings, misters, refrigeration, coffee makers, microwave ovens, scene lights, outside compartments to store equipment, and much more.

To begin designing your custom EVI Rehab Unit please contact your EVI Regional Sales Manager. 

EVI has manufactured and delivered an excess of 3050 Aluminum Modular Bodies since 1974.
Allow us to put our knowledge to work for you. 
RM2925BostonSparks 004
RM2925BostonSparks 006
RM2925BostonSparks 023
RM2925BostonSparks 024
RM2925BostonSparks 027
RM2925BostonSparks 001
RM2925BostonSparks 016
RM2925BostonSparks 049
RM2925BostonSparks 042
RM2925BostonSparks 034

Boston Sparks Association, Inc. | Vehicle ID# 2925

EVI custom Canteen/Rehab Unit mounted on a International 2-door Chassis.

*Contact your Regional Sales Manager

for full specifications and drawings.

More Custom EVI DUI Units Delivered

20-Ft. Rehab Unit

20-Ft. Rehab Unit Vehicle ID # 3151 Stafford Co. Fire and Rescue Department, VA

20-Ft. Air/light Rehab Unit

20-Ft. Air/light Rehab Unit Vehicle ID # 3109 Palm Beach Gardens Fire-Rescue, FL

Canteen Coversion

Canteen Coversion Vehicle ID # 3065 Centreville Volunteer Fire Department, VA

18-Ft. Rehab Unit

18-Ft. Rehab Unit Vehicle ID # 2925 Boston Sparks Association, MA

18-Ft. Canteen Unit

18-Ft. Canteen Unit Vehicle ID # 3014 Gaithersburg-Washington Grove Vol. Fire Department, MD

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