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About EVI

Emergency Vehicles, Inc. (EVI) has served the industry since 1971; custom designing, manufacturing, and placing into service emergency response vehicles.  We are recognized as a business with a SOLID reputation for integrity and ethics.  Since being founded by Ernst R. Temme, the company has expanded to its present status as one of the country’s premier emergency vehicle manufacturers.  EVI has delivered in excess of 3050 fire-rescue and law enforcement vehicles in the United States and Internationally.  The company has a strong cultural dedication to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in craftsmanship, design and service.

The company houses approximately 50,000 square-feet of manufacturing capability.  Located in Lake Park, Florida, EVI maintains some of the industry’s most impressive equipment and processes.

As a “custom” manufacturer of a full line of Rescues, Quick-Attacks, Haz-Mat, Mobile Command Vehicles, USAR Trailers, Crime Scene Investigation Units, Bomb/EOD Units, and Specialty Vehicles, EVI prides itself in being an innovative leader in the industry, emphasizing quality, reliability, and value in everything we do!

EVI is constantly in search of ways to better serve our customers through advanced technology and new product concepts and applications.  We are proficient in body fabrication using aluminum products.  A full array of commercial and custom chassis’ are offered to meet each customers’ individual needs.  Refurbishment of existing vehicles are also available.

EVI Beginnings 

After several years of gaining valuable experience with a local First Aid and Rescue Squad, Ernst R. Temme decided that there was a definite need for specialized vehicles to meet the unique requirements of ambulances and first response vehicles.


Utilizing his "hands-on" experience, he founded an ambulance manufacturing facility in 1971 known as "Custom Ambulances of Florida, Inc." Rapid company growth required several expansions and in 1976 a new company called "EVF Inc." was formed.  Ernst R. Temme became President and General Manager of EVF Inc.  The company continued to grow and moved into a new facility in 1980.  Ernst R. Temme was recognized by his peers and was elected President of the Ambulance Manufacturer's Association, and proudly served two terms.  In 1988 the major shareholder of EVF Inc., having continual health problems, decided to retire.  Since a qualified buyer could not be found, the decision was made to close the manufacturing facility.

Realizing the continued need of Custom Designed Vehicles, Mr. Temme and a few key personnel decided to continue to put their knowledge and experience to work.  In April of 1988 "Emergency Vehicles, Inc." (EVI) was formed.  This way, the past customers of EVF Inc. could be served and the well-established product could continue.


EVI obtained the rights to the product trademark, trade names, manufacturing specifications, testing data, certifications, engineering data and drawings.  The decision was made to “fine tune” the already accepted product and to concentrate on the highly specialized RESCUE VEHICLE market.  By positioning itself in this exclusive niche of the industry, EVI cemented its future and began construction on a brand new factory in January of 1999.  The company's 50,000 square foot facility is located in the industrial section of Lake Park, Florida.


In 2002 a decision was made to enter the Law Enforcement Market.  EVI realized the need for specialized vehicles such as; Mobile Command Vehicles, SWAT Vehicles, Dive/Recovery Vehicles, Communications Vehicles, etc.  The law enforcement market has become a “key” component in EVI’s growth and future success.


The combination of Fifty-One Years industry experience in custom designing, and the strength of a proven product, gives the customer an unequaled opportunity to purchase a vehicle designed around his or her operation and needs... within budget.

EVI Office and Craftsmen Team 

Education of our employees is of paramount importance. Because EVI is a "custom" manufacturer, high levels of craftsmanship and skills are required to consistently provide high-value products in an ever-changing environment. 

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