DUI Enforcement Units

EVI custom DUI Enforcement Vehicles can be custom designed and built to fit your departments’ specific needs. Mobile DWI Enforcement Centers are used by Law Enforcement for roadside sobriety checkpoints for mobile processing/ booking. Some features of delivered EVI custom DUI Enforcement Trucks include incarceration cells, air conditioning control work areas, radio and dispatch work station, generators, awnings, scene lights, outside compartments to store equipment, and much more.
To begin designing your custom EVI DUI Enforcement Unit please contact your EVI Regional Sales Manager. 
EVI has manufactured and delivered an excess of 3050 Aluminum Modular Bodies since 1974.
Allow us to put our knowledge to work for you. 

City of San Diego | Vehicle ID# 2916

EVI custom conversion of a 28-Ft. Better Built Trailer into a DUI Enforcement Mobile Post.

*Contact your Regional Sales Manager

for full specifications and drawings.

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