Quick Attack

EVI Quick Attack Fire Apparatus are designed and built to fit each departments’ needs. Quick Attack Fire Trucks offer Fire Departments a versatile option to allow quick arrival on scenes and are easy to maneuver into tight spaces. Some of the features on the EVI custom Quick Attack vehicles include walk around configurations, cab work/command area, roll up doors, scene lights, pull out trays, generator, tripod lights, and much more.
To begin designing your custom EVI Quick Attack Truck please contact your EVI Regional Sales Manager. 
EVI has manufactured and delivered an excess of 3050 Aluminum Modular Bodies since 1974.
Allow us to put our knowledge to work for you. 

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority | Vehicle ID# 2986

EVI custom 10-Ft. Non-Walk-In Quick Attack Unit, mounted on a Ford F-350 Super Cab Chassis.

*Contact your Regional Sales Manager

for full specifications and drawings.

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