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Lease Program



Today's emergency service organizations face a diverse array of budgetary and operating challenges. As budgets and resources are reduced and costs of vehicles and equipment are increased, funding your immediate and long term needs becomes more and more difficult. 

At the same time, technological advances are making existing equipment and apparatus obsolete faster than ever before. 

Understanding the financial dilemma your emergency service organization may find itself in, Leasing 2 is offering superior financing solutions that will make it easy and inexpensive for you to finance EVI fire apparatus. 

  • It's easy- because Leasing 2 specializes in fire department leases, we can make it fast and easy for you.

  • 100% financing- down payments are optional. 

  • Flexible terms- 2 to 20 years with the first payment as long as one year after truck delivery.

  • Low interest rates- Leasing 2 rates are always among the lowest. 

  • Choose your payment frequency- annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or custom. 

  • Easy, fast issuance- in most cases all you have to do is sign the lease agreements. Leasing 2 and your attorney will take care of the rest.

  • It's your decision- choose the equipment, negotiate your price, establish delivery and Leasing 2 will provide the financing. 

  • Flexible lease structure- Leasing 2 will tailor a lease to meet your specific financing requirements and limitations. 

  • Leasing helps overcome budget restrictions.

  • Leasing gets the equipment you need, when you need it- immediately!

  • Leases build equity with each payment. At the end of the lease term you own the truck!

  • Leases are considerably less expensive, faster and, easier to execute than bonds. Complete turnaround can take as little as two weeks. 

  • Leases do not require:

    • high legal fees​

    • underwriting costs

    • voter approval

    • printing expenses

    • broker commissions

    • bond attorneys

  • Leasing frees your cash to purchase those things that are more difficult t​o finance. 

  • Leasing preserves your cash for unexpected needs.

  • Leasing can be cheaper than paying cash when paying cash causes you to delay your purchase. Leasing 2 can fax  you the details, give us a call. 

See your Regional Sales Manager for other leasing programs. 

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