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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Is EVI a custom builder?
    Yes, EVI is a custom builder and can design the exact unit to fit your needs. We build in one inch increments and can build exactly what you require.
  • Is the EVI Body a framed or brake form body?
    The EVI body is an all aluminum roll cage framed structure with 15,000 LB. roll over integrity.
  • What Paint does EVI use?
    EVI uses the DuPont Elite paint product and process.
  • Does EVI use wood in their construction?
    EVI does not use wood in any of our construction. We build all aluminum walls, framing, sub floor, and aluminum framed cabinetry.
  • Can EVI build on any manufacturer's chassis?
    EVI can build on any manufacturer's chassis, as long as the GVW and chassis equipment is suitable to the size and use of the vehicle.
  • How many years experience does EVI have?
    EVI has been designing and building emergency vehicles for over 52 years. Read more about EVI by clicking here.
  • How many units does EVI build in a year?
    We build approximately 50 custom units a year.
  • What brand of roll up doors does EVI use?
    EVI uses ROM, AMDOR, or HANSEN roll up doors.
  • How does EVI layout equipment compartments?
    During the initial stages of the order and Pre-Construction Conference your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) and your team will meet and discuss the equipment that you intend to carry on the unit. This will allow your team and the RSM to design the compartments of the unit to fit your specific needs.
  • Does EVI subcontract any work out?
    EVI does all the work in house at our 50,000 Square-Feet manufacturing facility in Lake Park, Florida with no subcontracting.
  • What options do you offer for interior finish of your exterior compartments?
    EVI's standard compartment finish is diamond plate. We also offer brushed aluminum or a painted finish with either Zolatone or Raptor coating.
  • What type of 12 Volt electrical system does EVI offer?
    We offer a standard 12 Volt electrical system with breakers and relays or a Weldon V-Mux Multiplex electrical system.
  • Does EVI perform custom mounting of customer supplied equipment?
    Yes, we can custom mount any type of customer supplied loose equipment.
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