Lee Potter

Southeast & Southern Regional Sales Manager

Lee has over 27 years experience in Public Safety. He has held many positions in the fire service including state certified firefighter, driver/engineer, hazmat tech, first responder, and a member of the dive team.  He has been involved with apparatus sales and design for over 22 years, when he got his start as a member of the apparatus committee for a volunteer fire department he was with at that time. The committee designed and wrote up the specs for a new heavy rescue for the department, they later ended up purchasing from EVI in 1992. Lee started with EVI in 1996 where he has been involved with sales, design, and engineering since the beginning with over 300 delivered vehicles. When Lee is not working, he enjoys playing golf, fishing, boating, and spending time camping with his wife Jodi along with their son RJ around the State of Florida.

*Lee also covers 

Puerto Rico.

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37-Ft. Haz-Mat Trailer

WPB Fire Rescue, FL


May 2019



Ft. Myers Police Department, FL


May 2019

Final Inspection.jpg

24-Ft. Walk-In Rescue

Gallatin Fire Department, TN


May 2019


13-Ft. Walk-In EOD Unit

City of Tallahassee Police Department

New Order

March 2019