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EOD Response Unit

EVI- 24Ft. EOD Response Unit

Marion County Sheriff's Office

Body Length: 24 Foot

Chassis: Freightliner M2 2-Door

Year Built: 2023

Vehicle No.: 3122

  • Carefree Electric Awning w. LED Light

  • 5 Exterior Compartments w. Turtle Tile

  • Multiple Adjustable and Permanent Shelves

  • Roll-Up Doors

  • Pass Thru Cable Compartment

  • Link Robot Ramp

  • Custom Shelf for Robot Antenna

  • Roof Mounted TV Antenna

  • Wi-Fi Capability 

  • LED Lighting 

  • Back-Up Camera System

  • 12kW Onan Diesel Generator

  • Two A/C Roof Mounted Units

  • Multiple 120V/15A Receptacles

  • Multiple Air Chuck Outlets

  • Stainless Steel Roboto Tie Downs

  • Slide-Master Tray for Day Box

  • Multiple Workstations w. Corian Countertop

  • Multiple Cabinets and Closets w. Adjustable/Permanent Shelves

  • Custom Storage for Printer

  • Custom Electronic Rack Storage

  • Galley Area w. Microwave and Fridge

  • Roll-Up Doors

  • Multiple Porcelain Magnetic Dry/Erase Surface

  • Squad Bench for 2 Persons

  • Multiple Network, HDMI, USB and TV Antenna Outlets

  • Multiple 120V/15A Receptacles

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