38-Ft. Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Trailer

West Valley City Fire Department | Vehicle ID# 3017

EVI custom 38-Ft Non-Walk-in trailer pulled by a customer supplied 2019 Freightliner M2 4-Door tractor. This body includes (17) exterior compartments with roll up doors , pull out stairway, (8) Roof top storage compartments. The units 110/220 volt power needs are meet by a 12 KW Power Tech diesel generator with its own 20 gallon fuel tank, numerous 110 volt electrical outlets and (2) electric cord reels with 200 feet of cable on each reel. All scene, under body, and emergency lights are LED. The trailer also includes a tool air compressor, (4) air outlets, and a 300 PSI capacity air hose reel with 150 feet of 3/8" air hose. Additional options include an all LED light tower, (6) portable winch receivers, numerous slide out trays, adjustable shelves, storage drawers slide out tool boards, and a rack for the departs shoring panels and lumber. 

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