30-Ft. Mobile Decontamination Vehicle

Boston Fire Department | Vehicle ID# 2877

EVI custom 30-Ft. Mobile Decontamination Vehicle, mounted on a Spartan Metro-Star Custom Chassis. The vehicle is powered by a 380 hp Cummins engine with an Allison 3000 EVS transmission. This unit is designed for multi-purpose. The interior can be set to decontaminate the Fire Department's Level 7 team or the interior can be configured for the general public with both a Male and Female side. Each of the six (6) showerheads has its own water heater allowing the individual to control the water within a degree of desired temperature. The water system is the first of its kind using electric instant hot water heaters that are powered by a diesel generator. The stainless steel shower area is designed for easy cleanup. The unit has four (4) hamper chutes allowing clothing and other contaminated items to be easily removed and secured in outside bins. The system has a 100 gallon water tank with a 120 volt pump, as well as, a 100 gallon "grey" water storage tank. The vehicle is equipped with a 1 1/2 inch inlet pressure reducer. This allows the water system to be supplied directly from a hydrant or outside source by bypassing the 120 volt pump. The diesel fired heat system and roof mounted A/C units keep the interior at a comfortable temperature at all times. Another feature is the three (3) manual awnings, one(1) curbside, one (1) streetside, and one (1) back entrance of the body.


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