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20-Ft. Walk-In Custom Rescue / Hazmat Truck

US Government, DC | Vehicle ID# 3031

EVI custom 20-Ft. Walk-in Rescue/Hazmat body Mounted on an International 2-Door Chassis.The body features (8) exterior equipment compartments with numerous shelves and trays, a climate controlled interior with (6) SCBA seats, equipment storage, and a command desk. The lighting needs are met by a Whelen LED emergency light package, (8) Whelen 12 volt scene lights, (2) FRC telescopic and tripod LED scene lights, and a Will-Burt (6) head LED light tower. The vehicle also includes a 25 KW PTO generator, (2) electric cord reels with 200 feet of 10/3 cable, electric junction box, and numerous electrical outlets. 

*Contact your Regional Sales Manager

for full specifications and drawings.

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evi custom rescue hazmat truck

20-Ft. Walk-In Rescue / Hazmat Truck Vehicle ID # 3031 US Government, DC

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EVI Haz-Mat Response Vehicle

Haz-Mat Response Vehicle Vehicle ID # 2626 Fulton County Fire Department, GA

EVI 25-Ft. Walk-In Haz-Mat Unit

25-Ft. Walk-In Haz-Mat Unit Vehicle ID # 2599 Park City Fire District, UT

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