12-Ft. Non-Walk-In EOD Unit

Broward Sheriff's Office | Vehicle ID# 3021

EVI Custom 12-ft non-walk-in Bomb / EOD response truck with tri-fold robot ramp, multiple workstations, back up camera, LED lighting, generator, and much more. 

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EVI - 16ft. Bomb Unit

16-Ft. Bomb Unit Vehicle ID# 3089 US Government, DC

EVI - 16ft. EOD Unit

16-Ft. EOD Unit Vehicle ID# 3099 Amarillo Police Department, TX

EVI - 24ft. Bomb/EOD Unit

24-Ft. Bomb EOD Unit Vehicle ID# 3085 Boulder Police Department, CO

EVI - 13ft. Bomb Truck Box EOD Unit

13-Ft. Bomb EOD Unit Vehicle ID# 3071 Kansas Highway Patrol, KS

EVI - 16ft. Walk-In Bomb EOD Unit

16-Ft. Walk-In Bomb EOD Unit Vehicle ID# 3051-3052 Virginia State Police, VA

EVI - 13ft. Walk-In EOD Unit

13-Ft. Walk-In EOD Unit Vehicle ID# 3058 City of Tallahassee, FL

evi custom command hazmat truck

20-Ft. Walk-In Command / Hazmat Truck Vehicle ID # 3031 US Government, DC

EVI custom EOD Van Conversion

EOD Van Conversion Vehicle ID # 3042 Division of Investigative & Forensic Services, FL

EVI custom EOD Bomb Van Conversion

EOD / Bomb Van Conversion Vehicle ID # 3024 Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, FL

12-Ft. Non-Walk-In EOD Unit Vehicle ID # 3021 Broward Sheriff's Office, FL

EVI EOD walk-in Command body utility

13-Ft. Walk-In EOD Command Type Utility Body Vehicle ID # 2999 Kansas Highway Patrol, KS

EVI 16 Foot Walk-In Bomb Unit

16-Ft. Walk-In Bomb Unit Vehicle ID # 2984 Napa County Sheriff's Office, CA

EVI custom Bomb Response Truck

16-Ft. Command / EOD Unit Vehicle ID # 2977-82 FBI-HDS

EVI 16 Foot Walk-In EOD Unit

16-Ft. Walk-In EOD Unit Vehicle ID # 2959 Riley County Police Department, KS

EVI Walk-In EOD Response Vehicle

24-Ft. Walk-In EOD Response Vehicle Vehicle ID# 2943 Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, FL

EVI 13-Ft. EOD

13-Ft. EOD Truck Vehicle ID# 2931 Kansas Highway Patrol, KS

EVI Enclosed Trailer Conversion EOD

Enclosed Trailer Conversion EOD Vehicle ID# 2930 Clinton Police Department, MS

EVI 16Ft Practical Exercise Response

16-Ft. Practical Exercise Response Vehicle ID# 2867-72 Hazardous Devices School, AL

EVI 16-Ft. Bomb Response Truck

16-Ft. Bomb Response Truck Vehicle ID# 2850 Charleston Co. Sheriff's Office, SC

EVI Non-Walk-In Bomb Squad Response

12-Ft. Non-Walk-In Bomb Squad Response Vehicle ID # 2827-29 Miami-Dade County Police Department, FL

EVI Walk-In Hazardous Device Squad

18-Ft. Walk-In Hazardous Device Squad Vehicle ID# 2801 Monroe County Sheriff's Office, NY

EVI 20-Ft. Walk-In Bomb/EOD

20-Ft. Walk-In Bomb/EOD Vehicle ID# 2802 Doña Ana Sheriff's Office, NM

EVI 24-Ft. Bomb/EOD Response Truck

24-Ft. Bomb/EOD Response Truck Vehicle ID# 2791 Bay County Sheriff's Office, FL

EVI 18-Ft. Walk-In Custom EOD Unit

18-Ft. Walk-In Custom EOD Unit Vehicle ID# 2772 Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District, NV

EVI Walk-In EOD Response Vehicle

20-Ft. Walk-In EOD Response Vehicle Vehicle ID # 2746 Kansas State Fire Marshall, KS

EVI 12-Ft EOD Response Truck

12-Ft. EOD Response Truck Vehicle ID# 2668 Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigation, FL

EVI 20-Ft Walk-In Explosive Disposal

20-Ft. Walk-In Explosive Disposal Vehicle ID# 2640 Spokane County Sheriff's Office, WA